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Many authors and “programs” or “courses” proclaim to teach you how to do xyz in 3 easy steps. Nearly all of them assume you are already in the right state of mind, have all the tools ready, and have clarified goals. Very few of them clearly outline the action steps, and almost none that I have seen teach you how to reinforce and/or maintain the new habit or steps you’ve learned.  Without proper preparation, you may never even begin, and without reinforcement, you may reach the goal for a short period or just one time. That’s why the 8 steps is so much better and more comprehensive than other plans.

All 8 Step books are created with an easy-to-follow system that includes:

  1. Concept development – Understanding the concept, and clarifying your goals.
  2. Preparation for the upcoming action steps
  3. Action step 1
  4. Action step 2
  5. Action step 3
  6. Action step 4
  7. Reinforcement
  8. Maintenance

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